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About: Deckademics will provide the framework for you to become as great a DJ as you wish to be! Whether you want to become a full-time, professional DJ in clubs, a seasoned battle DJ looking to put together advanced routines and scratch with the best of ‘em, or simply looking to have some fun and play/make music for your friends and family, we will get you started on your own unique path!

Methodology: Our approach is simple: take the knowledge and practices from the “older” ways and styles of DJ’ing and integrate them in with the technological advances of today. We still believe in initially teaching on actual vinyl records (yes, THOSE things!) and helping learn by ear first and foremost, but we won’t neglect the modern approach either. Not everyone will have the same desires and goals, but the skill set that you’ll receive through Deckademics will allow you to flourish and grow in whatever capacity you choose to seek. Here is a rundown of what we have to offer:

Weekly classes: Novice, Amateur, Intermediate, Advanced

Saturday classes: Weekend Warriors (a single, beginner introduction class) and additional supplemental classes