Indys First & Only DJ School


Classes are offered once per week for 90 minutes per session. This equates to roughly $42 per session.

Additional private lessons and half-day crash courses can be utilized to advance a little quicker depending

on your personal goals and level of interest.

Click on our available course offerings here for additional information and booking:
NOVICE: An Introduction To DJ’ing (6 weeks = $249)
  • This introduction course will provide the framework to becoming a great DJ. You’ll learn the fundamentals such as the basics of scratching and mixing, counting BPM’s and recognizing song structure, dropping the song on beat, as well as historical and functional training. This class will set the standard for becoming the best DJ you can be!
AMATEUR: Application of Fundamentals (12 weeks = $499)
  • This 12-week long course will allow you to build on to the knowledge base you gathered in the NOVICE class. In the AMATEUR course, you’ll delve deeper into scratching and mixing mechanics, beat-matching, and how to use a hands-on approach effectively with both the gear and the music simultaneously.
INTERMEDIATE: Studying the Craft (12 weeks = $499)
  • This 12-week long course will allow you to flourish as you explore and implement new techniques. Here you’ll hone in on the art of blending, incorporating scratch combinations, utilizing the digital platform(s) & functions, learn how to effectively use different transition techniques and EQ’ing.
ADVANCED: Practice Makes Perfect (6 weeks = $249)
  • This 6-week long course will provide you with final set of skills to master the turntables. You’ll focus on controlling a crowd, beat juggling, advanced scratch techniques, creating scratch sentences, and incorporating digital effects into your mix effectively.


We have a variety of Saturday-only supplemental courses offered as well. There are selections that will serve both beginners (Weekend Warriors) and those with some experience that are seeking some additional education (The Professional DJ, The Art of Preparation) as valuable.
WEEKEND WARRIOR CRASH COURSE ($75): This 4-hour long class will be held each and every Saturday and will be an ideal and economic option for those wanting to get familiar with the art of DJing without investing too much time or money right away. The class covers the fundamentals to DJ’ing, similarly to our NOVICE course, but in a single, condensed session.
SUMMER CAMP ($185): We’ll be hosting week-long summer camps for kids from June 15th – July 24th. The DJ Summer Camp is geared toward kids ages 9 – 14 to give them a unique and fun opportunity to experience the music and technology while making the most of their summer! The camp will run from 10:30am – 2:30pm daily from Monday thru Friday of each respective week. The kids will learn the art of DJing as well as experience music production and additional fun activities throughout the week. The cost is $185 per student per week.
THE PROFESSIONAL DJ: This 4-hour long class discusses how to handle business relationships with clubs/club owners/promoters/potential clients/booking agents; how to market yourself; the economics and ethics of being a DJ; and other miscellaneous items related to DJ’ing.
THE ART OF PREPARATION: This 90 minute long class covers how to prepare for a gig, how to organize your music efficiently, how to read a room while DJ’ing, understanding who you’re playing for and so on.        
PRIVATE 1-on-1 LESSONS: We offer 1-on-1 personalized instruction to fit your needs and speed up the learning process. Contact us at to identify needs and details.