Advanced Sign-Up: 12-Week Course Payment Options

$49.99 / week for 12 weeks

You have two options for paying for this course: pay $599.99 up front or use our $49.99/week subscription option that automatically deducts payment from your associated PayPal account every week. The subscription payment starts the date you sign up and renews every week at that time until completion.

Option 1:  To pay in full, simply fill out the form below and pay the full $599.99 up front. If you would instead like to use our subscription option, please scroll below to option 2.

Option 2: To sign up using the $49.99/week option, you can use our subscription service through PayPal. The subscription option will automatically deduct $49.99 every week for the full length of the course. Please note: You must have or create a PayPal account when signing up for our subscription services (you cannot check out as a guest).

Important: Click the black ADD TO CART button below to register for the subscription (do not press the big yellow PayPal button for subscriptions, it will error out):

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