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Music Production Courses

Novice (6 Weeks)
Moving Around in Ableton Live
Navigating Preferences
Hardware Setup
Basic Music Theory – BPM, Time Signatures, Notes, Keys, Scales, Chords
Session View Detail
Arrangement View Detail

Amateur (12 Weeks)
Audio Sampling & Clip Editing
Audio Drum Programming
Arrangement View Drum Programming
Chopping Samples vs. Looping
Various Ways to Sample
MIDI Editing
Drum Racks
MIDI Instruments Detail
Converting MIDI to Audio
Creating Song Structure
Lots of Creation

Intermediate (12 Weeks)
Synthesis Elements
Synthesis Types
Manipulating MIDI Instruments
Simpler & Sampler
Instrument Racks
Chains, Sends & Returns
Signal Flow Detail
MIDI Effects
Delay & Time-based Effects
Frequency-based Effects
Dynamic-based Effects
Other built-in Effects
Using Automation

Advanced (6 Weeks)
MIDI Mapping
Live Production Performance Prep
Song Structure & Project Creation

We have officially launched our Ableton Live music production classes, which is a 36-week curriculum that touches on music theory, rhythm, hardware and controller setup, navigating and creating in Ableton, understanding audio and MIDI, synthesis, mapping, effects, and using the tools built-in to start or continue your journey into music production and live performance. No need to already have the program or any controllers to get started, as everything needed will be available in class! Each student will be able to work with an Ableton Push 2 and/or their own controllers if they have one they want to use.

The first Novice class is six weeks and must be paid in full ($250 total), but the following Amateur and Intermediate classes are 12 weeks each ($500 for Amateur and $500 for Intermediate) but can be paid either in full or by automatic weekly payments via PayPal. Returning students sign up here.

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  • January10Thursday
    Course 1 of 4, Novice Ableton (6 Weeks) - 4 Slots
    3:30 pm 5:00 pm6108 N. College Ave, Suite 200, Indianapolis, Indiana 46220
    Disclaimer: If you must miss a class, please contact Deckademics ahead of time. We understand that emergencies happen, so we try to accommodate the best we can. Being so, students are allowed one rescheduled make-up date per six weeks.

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