Refund Policy

Deckademics students will receive a refund of all fees, minus a $50 non-refundable cancellation fee, if established at least 48 hours prior to of the beginning of their selected course’s first class. If the first week of the course, including the 48-hour period prior to the first class, has already expired, no refunds will be given as it’s not possible to fill the vacancy with a new student once the class is already in motion. Class registration requires a commitment to holding your spot for at least the duration of each 6-week session. Please double-check your life and work calendars prior to registering to avoid any confusion or inability to maintain the commitment.

Additionally, Deckademics reserves the right to make suggestions and/or move currently enrolled students to a more skill-appropriate class if there appears to be significant difficulty in understanding the concepts and lessons in that particular course. In other words, if you have enrolled yourself in a class which you aren’t quite prepared for, we may redirect you to a more suitable level so you can maximize the DJ school experience.