Music Production Courses

MAY 16, 2022

No experience is necessary to get started down the path of becoming a music producer! Our 9-month Ableton Live course was specially-crafted to be both an incubator for the novice and guide for the current music producer that wants to learn the power of Ableton Live. You don’t need anything to get started except the will to learn.

The latest version of Ableton Live and the Ableton Push 2 controller are readily available in class, and student discounts are available on both the program and controller to those that register for the course.

In-Person courses generally become available 1-2 weeks before a session starts due to the variability of room availability and when current students finish their course.

Courses are offered once per week for 90 minutes, at the day and time you sign up for, and meet weekly on the same day until the end of the session. Class cost equates to roughly $50 per session.  The Novice course is 6 weeks and must be paid in full ($299 total), but the following Amateur (12 weeks / $599), Intermediate (12 weeks / $599), and Advanced courses (6 weeks / $299) can be paid either in full or by automatic weekly payments via PayPal.

Available course offerings and details are listed below when available.


There are no upcoming events

Novice (6 weeks = $299)
Moving Around in Ableton Live
Navigating Preferences
Hardware Setup
Basic Music Theory
Session View Detail
Arrangement View Detail

Amateur (12 weeks = $599)
Audio Sampling & Clip Editing
Audio Drum Programming
Arrangement View Drum Programming
Chopping Samples vs. Looping
Various Ways to Sample
MIDI Editing
Drum Racks
MIDI Instruments Detail
Converting MIDI to Audio
Creating Song Structure

Intermediate (12 weeks = $599)
Sound Design
Synthesis Types/Elements
Manipulating MIDI Instruments
Simpler & Sampler
Instrument Racks
Chains, Sends & Returns
Signal Flow Detail
MIDI Effects
Delay & Time-based Effects
Frequency-based Effects
Dynamic-based Effects
Other built-in Effects
Using Automation

Advanced (6 weeks = $299)
Intro to Remixing
Basic Mixing