Music Production Course

Ableton Live Music Production Course

This course was specially-crafted to be both an incubator for the novice with no music production experience, as well as a guide for the current music producer that wants to learn the power of Ableton Live. You only need the will to learn to get started. We have the latest version of Ableton Live and the Ableton Push 2 controller readily available in class.

Our Music Production Course is about 10 and a half months long and split up into four multi-week sessions. Each session directly follows the completion of a previous session, but can also be paused for a later date to accommodate versatile schedules (subject to availability).

  • Novice Session (6 Weeks) – $300
  • Amateur Session (12 Weeks) – $600
  • Intermediate Session (12 Weeks) – $600
  • Advanced Session (12 Weeks) – $600
  • Advanced Plus (Optional After Completion)

Additional Details:

  • Class is once per week
  • Class is on the day/time you signed up
  • Class day/time is same until completion
  • Classes are in an intimate setting
  • Cost is roughly $50 per class
  • Full payment required for Novice course
  • Automatic weekly payments available after Novice completion
  • Students are evaluated to determine readiness of next level
  • Signups generally available 1-2 weeks before new sessions
  • Everything needed to take course is provide
  • We recommend ages 11 and up
  • Attendance requirements enforced

IMPORTANT ATTENDENCE REQUIREMENTS INFORMATION:  You can’t learn if you don’t show up to class. We allow one unexcused absence per six weeks, where an alternate day/time or an extended week will be supplied to grant the make-up class. Any additional unexcused absences beyond that one absence does not come with the expectation that we will automatically be able to accommodate additional makeup classes.  Please also note that any excused absences (vacation, holidays, etc.) require us to be notified at minimum 10 days in advance so we can adjust our internal scheduling.

Upcoming courses are listed below when available.
(You can fill out our waiting list here if you’d like.)

Novice (6 weeks)
Moving Around in Ableton Live
Learning Basic Workflow
Navigating Preferences
Learning General Terminolgoy
Hardware Setup
Learning Time Signatures
Basic Music Theory
Session View Detail
Arrangement View Detail

Amateur (12 weeks)
Audio Sampling
Clip Editing
Audio Drum Programming
Arrangement View Drum Programming
Chopping Samples vs. Looping
Various Ways to Sample/Edit
MIDI Editing
Drum Racks
MIDI Instruments Detail
Converting MIDI to Audio
Creating Song Structure
Basic EQing
Music Production History

Intermediate (12 weeks)
Intro to Sound Design
Synthesis Types/Elements
Manipulating MIDI Instruments
Simpler & Sampler
Instrument Racks
Chains, Sends & Returns
Signal Flow Detail
MIDI Effects
Delay & Time-based Effects
Frequency-based Effects
Dynamic-based Effects
Other built-in Effects
Using Automation

Advanced (12 weeks)
Making A Remix
Basic Mixing
In-Class Collaboration
Making A Song
Understanding Distribution
Understanding Royalty Collection
Understanding Publishing
How To Officially Release Music