6108 N. College Ave, Suite 200, Indianapolis, Indiana 46220


What if the class times offered don’t work with my schedule?
We will do our best to accommodate each and every potential student, but have limited time and space. We will be in contact with students and keep updated class times available on the website.

What kind of equipment do you use?
We teach primarily on turntables for a vinyl-based setup, but we won’t ignore the growing popularity of CD turntables and even the newer technologies such as controllers. Nonetheless, our instruction is designed to teach you the fundamental skills and principles which can be applied to any of these equipment mediums. 

Can we pay for one class at a time?
Unfortunately not. We require payment up front for the NOVICE (Level 1) courses, namely so that we can organize our courses, monitor student enrollment and maximize attendance. We do, however, offer a weekly auto-payment option for AMATEUR (Level 2), INTERMEDIATE (Level 3) and ADVANCED (Level 4) so that once you’re currently enrolled, you can set you up weekly payments to break the classes up into small installments of $45 per week via PayPal. This does make the classes more affordable rather than having to pay a larger sum at once. 

How do we pay for the classes?
We accept payment online via Paypal (secure method through our online course scheduler) as well as in person. We accept all major credit cards, cash and personal checks. We’ve also recently initiated an auto-payment method via PayPal so that you can set up to pay smaller weekly installments once you’ve completed the NOVICE (Level 1) class.

Is there an age limit for the classes?
No, there isn’t specifically an age limit for the classes, however there are particular concepts that may make it a little more challenging for children under/around the age of 10 or 11 years old. We will likely be offering a Kid’s Class specifically designed for the younger ones just to keep it fun and not lose interest with some of the more mundane (but important) details. Keep an eye out on our site and calendar for the Kid’s Class.