SoundSwitch Micro DMX Interface 512ch



Create custom lighting shows.

The SoundSwitch DMX Micro is the world’s leading lighting control solution. It lets users create custom lighting shows and scenes that are automatically synced with audio files when played back live in DJ software. Users can be as creative as they like in the Digital Lighting Workstation (DLW) or let the software do the work via the automation features or pre-built lighting scenes. SoundSwitch allows DJs and lighting designers to sync lighting visuals with live audio seamlessly which are output to the lighting array via SoundSwitch hardware or third-party supported interfaces. More creative possibilities and an elevated performance are all possible for DJs and lighting techs alike with SoundSwitch. With the SoundSwitch Micro DMX Interface, simplify your lighting setup with a single USB to DMX connect or for support of one DMX universe. It’s compatible with Serato DJ, Virtual DJ and Engine Prime.


  • Automatically syncs light shows and scenes with audio files
  • Built-in lighting scenes
  • Compatible with Serato DJ, Virtual DJ and Engine Prime
  • Allows for customization and control

DMX lighting made easy—order today at Deckademics!

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Dimensions 6 × 6 × 4 in